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Learn how to grow your business systematically and predictably using automation and lifecycle marketing


As business owners we know we need to focus on working on high value items daily but we can sometimes feel trapped working in the business and not have enough time to do it all. There is a solution to better productivity, quality, consistency and predictability in your business while having more freedom.
This Training will show you exactly that.


Things won’t change by themselves, and your business won’t grow by itself you need new tools.

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    yourself from your business
  • Understand how to earn more profit per customer whilst delivering a better service using Lifecycle Marketing
  • See the exact 6 processes you need to automate to grow faster
  • Get clear on what needs to be fixed and introduced so you can get where you want quicker
  • Understand how to automate and grow your business
Here is a taste of what you are
about to get:
  • Day 1:

    Business Growth Assessment

    Examine where you are right now in your business & what needs to change using
    the Attract Sell Wow worksheet
  • Day 2:

    Automation Road Map

    Understand the detailed 6 processes you need to automate to grow your business and free yourself from it
  • Day 3:

    Marketing process

    Use the same advantages companies like Amazon and Uber use to grow fast. Understand what marketing processes you need to automate to get where you want quicker.
  • Day 4:

    Relationship Process

    Learn the 7 different ways of interacting with your prospects that will make them want to take the next step and book an appointment with you.
  • Day 5:

    Sales Process

    Learn how to convert the potential interests into sales with a consultative approach.
  • Day 6:

    Wow Process

    Use the 3 WOW processes to make sure your customers always feel welcomed and valued.
  • Day 7:

    Lifetime Process

    How to make sure you have a natural seamless process to make sure your customers remain part of your business and find other opportunities to solve their problems.
  • Day 8:

    Viral Process

    Learn how to incentivise your customers to refer you to people around them who might have a problem you could solve and a compelling reason for their friends to come and see you.

About your instructor

Aalok Y Shukla, Co-founder of Click Convert Sell Ltd

Aalok initially set up a private dental practice, from scratch in 2009, then created a brand focused on adult orthodontics in which he developed, tested and refined a unique automated marketing framework and system (powered by Infusionsoft) that he now teaches and plugs in different businesses. Aalok’s mission is to help more ambitious entrepreneurs make the most of new technologies to take their business to new heights and free themselves from it.
His specialty is using automation & outsourcing to create processes that allow business owners to focus on high value services/products so that they can do more fulfilling & valuable work whilst working less days.
Aalok is trusted by business owners in all industries and seen as the go to expert for advanced automation and lifecycle marketing strategies in the UK.

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